House Rules

All visitors and anyone that is in the Polumpung Melangkap View Camp Site (PMVCS) area is subject to these regulations. 

No one is allowed, except as set forth in these Regulations:

  1. Entering the PMVCS area without paying any Entry Fee and Overnight Fee (for stayers) that have been approved by PMVCS;
  2. Hunting, fishing, trapping and other means of catching any species of wildlife within the Panataran River and within the PMVCS area;
  3. Bring out any species of flora and fauna and other objects found within the PMVCS area;
  4. Cutting and destroying trees within the PMVCS area;
  5. Bring any type of animal into the PMVCS area without the prior permission of the PMVCS management;
  6. Damage or misuse of PMVCS permanent and mobile property;
  7. Dumping garbage everywhere in the PMVCS area;
  8. Conduct criminal / immoral activities within the PMVCS area;
  9. Making noise or any activity that interferes with the safety of other visitors;
  10. Stealing / using the property of PMVCS or other visitors without permission;
  11. Bring / use firearms, equipment or other hazardous materials into PMVCS;
  12. Bring in liquor and any intoxicating substances / drugs including drugs to PMVCS. This is for security purposes and to prevent any disruption to the security of other visitors;
  13. PMVCS reserves the right to direct any visitor to leave the theme park (without giving any compensation or compensation) in the event that such person does not comply with safety instructions and regulations or performs dangerous or harmful behavior in the PMVCS;
  14. Visitors are not encouraged to bring valuables into the PMVCS area. The PMVCS shall not be liable for any loss of visitor goods within the PMVCS area;
  15. Parents are required to look after their children as long as they are in the PMVCS area. Children under 13 are only allowed to enter the theme park when accompanied by an adult;
  16. If required, PMVCS reserves the right to make changes to the PMVCS operating hours, or temporarily close all or part of the PMVCS area, or limit the number of visitors allowed into the PMVCS;
  17. The PMVCS is concern regarding the safety of visitors but PMVCS shall not be responsible or liable for any accident resulting in injury or death in the PMVCS area;
  18. PMVCS reserves the right to take special photographs of visitors during their stay in the PMVCS area. When you enter the PMVCS area, you allow your images to be displayed on the PMVCS website as well as other media;
  19. Photographs, video or audio recordings for commercial purposes are not permitted without the prior written permission of PMVCS;
  20. Visitors are required to prepare for the many challenges and discomforts that will be encountered while camping in the natural environment of the PMVCS;
  21. Do not cause damage to your natural environment;
  22. The use of fire is only allowed for cooking, BBQ and campfire purposes;
  23. Be careful when using lighter and flames;
  24. No smoking in tents;
  25. Check-in time starts at 2:00 pm on the day of arrival and check-out at 12:00 pm on the day of your departure;
  26. Please respect other PMVCS visitors;
  27. No other visitor is allowed in the tent without the prior permission of the tent owner;
  28. Please lower your voice, especially between 12:00 pm-7:00am; and
  29. Does not violate any other provisions of this regulation that PMVCS will make from time to time.